Mother and newborn son found dead in Brooklyn apartment

Matt Kozar reports from Brownsville
October 10, 2013 7:48:40 PM PDT
Police are investigating the deaths of a Brooklyn woman and her newborn son, after her body was found on top of the baby in their Brownsville apartment.

34-year-old Marjorie Lyons and 11-day old Preston Warren Alexander were found inside the Legion Street home at around 11:30 a.m.

Lyons were pronounced dead at the scene by EMS, while the infant was pronounced dead at Brookdale Hospital.

Her family says she was taking pain medicine after her pregnancy and she complained it was making her weak.

Lyons lived at the Brownsville Gardens with Preston and her two twin girls, who are six.

Family members say Lyons' brother thought something was wrong Thursday morning when the girls were walking around the complex without their mom, so he went to check on his sister.

"He realized she was laying down on the bed, and the baby is under her. So he started to move her off the baby, and realized the baby was turning purple," said Lyons' father Douglas.

Her parents say Marjorie hadn't been feeling right since her pregnancy. She had a C-section and experienced a lot of pain.

"She said she had a little fever and was feeling a little ill the other day so she went to the hospital around two days ago, and came back," said Douglas Lyons. "She was feeling some pains, and they gave her some medication, which she took, but she was complaining the medication made her drowsy."

He said that medication was oxycodone. He wants to know if that's what killed his daughter, and caused her to inadvertently suffocate her baby boy.

The official causes of death will be determined by the medical examiner.

Police sources say there does not appear to be any criminality in the case.