Police hunt suspect who tried to kidnap girl from Bronx bus stop

Sandra Bookman reports from Castle Hill.
October 14, 2013 3:32:56 PM PDT
Katherine Gonzales was just a little bit on edge today as she and her two young daughters waited for the BX 36 bus in Castle Hill.

That's because this same stop near the intersection of Randall and Olmsted Avenues was the scene of an attempted kidnapping over the weekend.

"It's quite scary because we do leave early in the morning for school about that time - 7:30 time frame," Katherine Gonzalez said.

A 16-year-old girl told police she was at the bus stop Saturday morning when a man in a white van drove up open the side door and attempted to drag her in. She successfully fought him off.

"We don't believe he knew her. She didn't indicate that she knew him. But to the best of my knowledge, no words were exchanged," NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

Police have a sketch of the suspect based on the victim's description: a Hispanic male about 6 feet tall and 182 to 200 pounds.

Flyers bearing the sketch have been posted around the neighborhood. One father we talked with is trying to spread the word even farther, turning to social media to help catch a predator.

"I just put it on my Facebook to let anybody know in the family that that lives in the area and I also put it on Instagram just to keep a lookout for the kids that's in the neighborhood. I have two girls of my own," Malik Brennan said.

Police are knocking on doors in the neighborhood, asking residents if they have seen or heard anything, and are asking everyone who uses the bus stop to be very aware of their surroundings.

The bus stop is in the shadow of the Castle Hill Houses. Riders are emphasizing that vigilance is key.