Brides ready for Loehmann's 'Grab the Gown'

Kemberly Richardson reports from Loehmann's
October 16, 2013 3:05:20 PM PDT
Wedding dresses can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, so getting a good deal can really add up.

Thursday morning, brides will line up for a shot at hundreds of dresses that are deeply discounted.

The stage is being set for a grand event that will no doubt be part romance, part drama.

"The tears start to flow and Loehmann's becomes the fairy godmother to many brides," said Fred Forcellati, Loehmann's Creative Director.

I witnessed the flurry of activity inside Loehmann's 7th Avenue store, where a team was busy, poofing and preparing more than 500 gorgeous pieces.

At 7 a.m. sharp Thursday, get ready for "Grab the Gown", a one day bridal bonanza.

"There's everything from sleek and contemporary, Vegas style, full Cinderella looks," Forcellati said.

But the terrific topper on this cake are the gowns, labels you'll find in bridal magazines and salons, well everything here costs less than $1,000 dollars, dresses that retail for as much as $12,000.

Fred has witnessed the magic before.

Last year was the first time they tried this and when asked if they should do it again, he said "I do". "You have all kinds of moments, you have parents with their daughters having that bridal moment when she steps out of this sea of gowns and grandma cries and poor dad is sitting in the corner holding 12 gowns in his hands," Forcellati said.

There will be more racks of gowns ready for you to grab on Saturday in Paramus, New Jersey.

Whichever you choose, come prepared, and bring friends.

"One can work one end, one can work another, they can keep feeding you stuff while you're in there," Forcellati said.

Looking for and hopefully finding your dream dress.

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