North Merrick man charged with stealing ambulance

October 19, 2013 7:48:08 AM PDT
A man is under arrest on Long Island on charges of stealing an ambulance in Merrick and taking it for a three-mile joy ride.

Police say one of the clues pointing to the suspect, 46-year old Salvatore Brecciano, was a 12-pack of beer left sitting on the ground on the spot where the vehicle was taken.

Police say he had bought the beer with a debit card at a 7-11 store on Sunrise Highway in North Merrick Wednesday.

According to detectives, when he passed the Merrick Firehouse, he entered an ambulance that had the keys in the ignition.

Police say he put the beer down next to the ambulance and pulled away.

They discovered Brecciano had purchased beer at the 7-11 and tracked him down to his home on Friday, where they arrested him.

The ambulance keys were recovered in his car.

Police recovered the unoccupied ambulance later undamaged,

Brecciano is charged with second-degree larceny.