Family shocked by Marine's homecoming at Giants game

Carolina Leid reports from MetLife Stadium.
October 22, 2013 8:33:51 PM PDT
It's a moment the Burgos family will never forget, a surprise military homecoming in front of thousands at Monday night's Giants game.

Lance Corporal Justin Burgos knew weeks ago that he would walk onto the field and finally see his family after more than a year at war.

The Marine admitted it was tough to keep quiet.

"When he told me he would be delayed until November I said, that's the Armed Forces for you. Sometimes they tell you something then everything changes. I was sad but I was more worried about his safety," said Armando Burgos, Justin's father.

"My dad's not easily surprised. So it's kind of funny," Lance Corporal Justin Burgos said.

The surprise was perfectly orchestrated.

The Elizabeth, New Jersey family thought they were simply being honored with a special message on the big screen.

"But then when he said, 'Look to the side,' and I saw him walking out that was shocking. Tears came to my eyes, I was just happy to see him," Armando Burgos said.

They were so happy they found it hard to let each other go.

Fans cheered and some even cried.

"I thank them all for this," Armando Burgos said, "I'm going to remember this for the rest of my life."

Lance Corporal Burgos says even bigger than seeing his family and getting a standing ovation, is knowing the rest of the people he worked with are back also home with their families.