New video of police chase, suspect on the loose

Jim Dolan reports from Purchase.
November 14, 2013 8:29:55 PM PST
There is new video of a dangerous, high speed, chase through Westchester County into Connecticut and then back again.

It was especially dangerous for police because of what the driver tried to do and this guy is still on the loose.

The dashboard camera shows the car taking off and running from the police officer, and driving recklessly to lose him.

At one point the driver goes up on the curb, rounding a corner, and at another point the officer goes up in a yard.

But it all ends with the red car, which was stolen in New Jersey, stuck in the middle if a picket fence and bushes.

The driver was gone and there wasn't much in the car.

"As the police officer was pursuing the vehicle, the driver of the vehicle was throwing what appeared to be marijuana out the window and other contraband," said Anthony Marraccini, said the Harrison Police Chief.

Police immediately started to look for the driver, and the mayor's office issued an alert by phone.

"It was a recorded message and residents said that they should lock their doors and stay inside and that they were looking for a white male. It was very scary," a resident said.

The police have not released a name or a picture or even a sketch of the person they're looking for, though the sure seem to know who he is.

"We find that he has a very violent criminal history, so our search still continues for him, patrols are out there, actively looking for somebody," Chief Marraccini said.

"They haven't released a sketch or anything, they said he stole a car in New Jersey, so they've been releasing all the facts, but they haven't released a sketch or anything like that," a resident said.