New York area hit with wild weather early Monday

Meteorologist Amy Freeze has more on strong storms that swept through our area
November 18, 2013 4:40:55 AM PST
Downpours and gusty winds tore through the Tri-State early Monday morning, but the storms were as fast-moving as they were intense.

New Jersey got the first blast of heavy rain, followed by New York City and Long Island.

But within a few minutes, the storms were gone, with only light rain left behind.

This was the same squall line the produced the deadly tornadoes in the Midwest, but were not nearly as strong once they arrived in our area.

The storms produced rain that came down practically sideways for about 10 minutes, but with the front moving through at 50 miles per hour, it was over quickly.

The wind gusts were strong, but there was no major damage. Some downed trees and scattered power outages were reported.

The wind will linger, but the sun is expected to come out by late morning or early afternoon.