Connecticut puppy thief caught on camera

Phil Lipof reports from Danbury, Conn.
November 21, 2013 3:51:24 AM PST
Police in Connecticut are searching for a man who snatched a very young puppy right as cameras looked on.

The man dressed in all black with the Yankees cap on walked into American Breeders in Danbury with one purpose, and it wasn't to spend money on a pricy purebred.

"Just shoved a little Shih-Tzu under their jacket and walked out," said Kathy Seton, the store manager.

Manager Kathy Seton says it happened on Sunday afternoon and it was crowded.

From the time he came in to the time he walked out it was just a few minutes.

And he had to know he was being watched.

A video surveillance screen is on display for everyone to see.

When he got to the Shih-Tzu's cage there was a camera right over his head.

Still, he reached in; pet the 2-month-old brown purebred worth about $1,400, picked it up, Put it under his jacket, and walked out.

"I hope the dog is getting cared for, and just bring her back," Seton said.

The owner has been in business for 20 years. He's run into puppy nappers before.

In fact, the whole camera system was put in only a month ago.

Question is, will the video help find the puppy? Kathy certainly hopes so because she says the little girl needs some special care.

"She was actually kind of picky when she was here. Like we were feeding her chicken, she wasn't eating like any dog food," Seton said.

The picky puppy wasn't even named yet, but she does have a microchip, which is only useful if the thief takes her to a vet.

If you recognize the person in the video you are asked to please call the police.