Reward increased in dead baby case in Elmsford

Marcus Solis reports from Spring Valley.
November 21, 2013 3:46:23 PM PST
Authorities in Westchester County have increased a reward in hopes of identifying a baby found murdered at a recycling center in Elmsford last week.

Officials have named the baby Angel. A funeral will be held on Saturday, paid for by donations they've received from across the state.

At a news conference on Thursday, authorities stressed that this is not a case of a stillborn child, but a brutal homicide of a full-term newborn and the body was dumped. They won't release specifics on injuries because it's something only the killer would know.

The reward is now up to $5,000 in hopes of identifying the child and the parents.

The body was found in a plastic bag at Brookfield Recycling at 18 Hayes Street in Elmsford on November 13 around 3 p.m., and it appears to have been dumped in trash that came from Spring Valley.

Investigators suspect the baby, a boy, may have been Hispanic, but they are not ruling anything out. They are doing genetic testing to give them a better idea.

Two items were found with the baby - a black skirt and a towel with a floral design.

Although the clothes found with the baby are typically are sold and worn in the Hassidic community, investigators say sometimes the clothes end up in secondhand stores where they are bought by people in the Hispanic community. They added that sometimes women working for someone in Hassidic community are made to wear that type of clothing.

Authorities are pleading with the community to cooperate and someone with info to come forward.

Police say people are reluctant to speak to them in general, but they need someone who knows someone who was pregnant and now does not have a baby to come forward.

Police add that they do not know if the mother is ok. She could possibly be the victim of a crime herself.

Anyone with information on the case can call the NYS Crime Stoppers hot line at 1-866-313- TIPS or go the NYS Crime Stoppers web site and use the links to download the New York State Crime Stoppers Mobile App to their iPhone, Android or Blackberry and provide information directly from their phone.