Woman twerking serves as lookout for alleged burglar

Kemberly Richardson has the story.
December 12, 2013 2:47:35 PM PST
A bizarre burglary in Brooklyn was caught on surveillance video with a suspected burglar 'twerking' outside an apartment building in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Surveillance video shows her dancing and then letting her male counterpart into the lobby, where he allegedly opened up boxes and stole what was inside.

Joe Slott, Building Resident, said he thought she was odd but didn't assume she was a criminal.

Turns out the "Twerker" was serving as a lookout for the package thief.

The woman keeps up the moves for nearly an hour, only pausing as residents passed by.

Tyra lives across the street, tells Eyewitness News these are regulars in the neighborhood and that this isn't her first time twerking.

"As soon as the men come by, she starts moving her butt and this and that and I don't care," Tyra said.

Now with detectives circling back to the building, it maybe the pairs last dance.

Police are searching for the suspects. LINK: VIEW THE VIDEO POSTED ON YOUTUBE