NYPD officer gives his sweatshirt to homeless man

Dray Clark has the story.
December 18, 2013 3:14:59 PM PST
An NYPD officer is sharing the story of how he literally offered the sweatshirt off his back to a homeless man in Manhattan.

In his official NYPD photo, officer Carlos Ramos has that tough guy stare.

But in person, he's everything a police officer should be: professional, kind and courteous.

And after what he did last week, you can also say he's generous.

"My wife's extremely happy, my three children are happy," said Officer Ramos.

He is a 6-year veteran, a member of the NYPD's transit anti-terrorism unit.

Last Friday, he and his partner were on routine patrol near First Avenue and 42nd St., just outside the United Nations when Ramos noticed a man wearing a paper thin white long sleeve t-shirt, dark pants, and no shoes.

It was 35 degrees, the wind coming off the water was brisk. Ramos offered the man a ride to a hospital or shelter, and he said no.

Ramos did the next best thing and offered the man the sweatshirt off his back. Still, the man told Ramos, 'No, you keep it, you need to stay warm."

But eventually he graciously accepted with a simple thank you.

"Not only was he a man in need, not only is it my job, but I felt for him," said Officer Ramos.

This is the second time an NYPD officer has gone out of his way to keep someone warm.

Last November, an officer bought a homeless man a pair of $100 boots from a Times Square store. This is not part of their duty. Helping others like this comes from the heart, not a department issued handbook.

"Makes me feel great, I did a great thing, not just for myself, but for others," Ramos said.

Ramos helped a stranger, and the stranger helped Ramos remember something his mother told him a long time ago.

Do kind, and kindness will be returned to you.