9-year-old bowler in Florida tosses perfect 300

December 20, 2013 5:56:13 AM PST
A young bowler has left her competition in the gutter.

Nine-year-old Hannah Diem was bowling on her regular league night at Liberty Lanes in Largo, Florida, when the strikes began to mount.

Now, she is the youngest person to bowl a perfect 300 in the United States.

"After about seven strikes, I knew it was a possibility because seven was my highest amount of strikes ever," Hannah said.

A crowd, including Hannah's mom, surrounded the girl as she neared her goal.

"I knew it's only three more balls, a measly three," she said. "That's what an average person would say, 'just three balls'. Not just three balls if you're going for that 300."

And then, she tossed the final strike.

"I threw my hands up," she said. "I ran back to (my mom) and she was sobbing on my shoulder. People were cheering and clapping. It was just absolutely magical."

The United States Bowling Congress certified the game and sent Hannah a congratulatory letter.

"I still feel like I'm dreaming," she said. "It's like, pinch me."