Tri-State residents come together to help flooding victims

Tim Fleischer has more.
December 29, 2013 8:53:31 PM PST
During this holiday season, a season of giving, there is now more than ever a desperate need to help the residents of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, who are victims of severe flooding. Vincentians in the Tri-State area are trying to meet the desperate need by coming together in Brooklyn.

Donated items ranged from much needed food supplies, to barrels full of clothes for boys and girls, to large pallets of bottled water. All items were desperately needed for the people of St. Vincent and the chain of islands that make up the Grenadines who are now struggling through the hardships of unexpected flooding from a tropical storm that claimed the lives of eight people on Christmas Eve.

"Everything in its pathway was destroyed ? homes, people, animals, farms, bridges," said Deputy Consul General Edson Augustus.

Reportedly 80 percent of the country is without water from pipes, and many are homeless.

"People have been bringing supplies, people have volunteered to pack, people have organized to get them transported," said Vincentian Narissa Morris.

At "Friends of Crown Heights" in Brooklyn, they have been sorting clothes and shoes and other items, packing them into barrels. Money is also needed.

"Friends of Crown Heights is run by a Vincentian, and this is where we come to get things done," Morris adds.

If you want to donate, contact:

St. Vincent Grenadine Consulate

801 Second Ave.

New York, NY