Man knocked down by snowplow comes forward

Jim Dolan has the story.
February 11, 2014 8:44:27 PM PST
The man knocked over by snow from a plow while walking down Coney Island Avenue last week has come forward in an online interview.

It was 5:28 in the morning, and he was walking down Coney Island Avenue, probably heading off to work.

The surveillance video show one plow go by, and then comes a second.

The power of the spray is so great it knocks the man off his feet, and it was so great it shattered the window of the car dealership.

That man has now come forward in a video posted by JM Legend Auto Group. He is identified only as Pedro.

Below is a transcript of the interview:

Interviewer: Tell us what happened that morning?
Pedro: I remember when I was walking here and then I feeling something and I remember just when I try to stand up. I don't remember and I listen the truck (snow plow) making noise.

Interviewer: You didn't see the snow plow coming at you?
Pedro: No, because I came like this (puts his head down). I saw where I fell on floor.

Interviewer: Did you get hurt?
Pedro: My head and my eyes now. I have a little pain.

Interviewer: Where you able to walk home after that?
Pedro: Yes, I wake up and yes, I go home.

Interviewer: How did you find out about the video?
Pedro: Because my family looking at the news and they looking at the video and my sister looking said "that's my brother" and she call me and asked me if I had a problem or some accident and I said yes, why, and she said cause saw your video.

Interviewer: Did the city contact you at all?
Pedro: No, no.

Interviewer: You want to sue the city?
Pedro: I think yes, for now, yes.

Interviewer: Were you very upset that the plow did that? You think that the plow wasn't doing good.
Pedro: Yes, not safe, very not safe. Very hard thing.

Interviewer: we are very happy that you are ok.

Pedro: Yes, thanks God, that I'm fine. Help my family that there are more important.