The bake shop and the stolen dough

Nina Pineda has 7 On Your Side.
Seven On Your Side
February 17, 2014 3:07:27 PM PST
They know their dough at Fehn's Cake and Cookie Shop in Seaford.

But it's the green kind that's missing, a weekends worth of sales, that bakery owner Kathy Fehn says was pried out of her shop's safe by a band of burglars.

Probably just a crowbar and a big hammer they pounded for like an hour," she said.

The crooks were never caught. They took off with the newly installed surveillance tape recorder.

Good thing Fehn was insured, up to $15,000 for stolen cash.

"You want to be insured in case something happens to you. Something happened to me, but why aren't you paying me?" she wondered.

What really has Kathy frosted is last year she filed an claim insurance claim, submitting receipts for each and every cake, cookie, and roll sold. But it paid out only $5,000 on a $15-thousand claim.

"I'm afraid I'm going to go out of business," Kathy said.

If Fehn's closes, a dozen bakers would lose their jobs and her parents' legacy of supplying Suffolk with sweet treats would end.

So we asked Kathy's insurer to take another look at her claim. They wouldn't discuss it directly because of privacy issues, but Kathy says the company asked for more evidence and paperwork.

Halloween came and went. Thanksgiving pies were baked and gone. Christmas cookies would pass too, but nearly 5 months after we got involved, Kathy received the sweetest Valentine.

"I finally got a check," she said.

A check for the final $10,000 - 100% percent covered.

"You guys did great. I love you guys," Kathy said.

She showed that love from her heart - a cake for us.