Plow pushes ice and snow off bridge onto car

Josh Einiger reports from Staten Island.
February 17, 2014 8:23:56 PM PST
A man on his way to work was driving under a bridge when a snow plow created an avalanche from above.

It ruined his car and nearly ruined his life.

The pictures tell the story of one lucky guy and a white-knuckle commute.

"There's no question about it, it was terrifying," said Adam Bernheim, driver whose car was damaged by plow.

Adam Bernheim was almost at work Friday morning, he'd made it across the Verrazano in one piece, and was heading to his job at Staten Island University Hospital.

But as he merged onto Lily Pond Avenue and passed under the bridge, he drove right into an avalanche of snow and ice that was thrown by a snowplow clearing the road above.

The ice shattered his windshield and covered Bernheim with shards of glass.

"I think as he's clearing his road on the overpass, he doesn't have an awareness of what's happening on the road below. I don't even think he's aware this whole incident happened," Bernheim said.

Bernheim, who is a radiologist specializing in chest trauma, knows how much worse this incident could have been.

And he says he can't imagine why the MTA, which operates the bridge, doesn't have better safety protocols in place to protect drivers and pedestrians below.

"You're creating a situation that's dangerous even life threatening, I think it should be addressed," Bernheim said.

Bernheim says he isn't looking for anything from the MTA, except an assurance this won't happen to anyone else.

The MTA says it's looking into the case and that safety is its top priority.