Alternate side parking regulations return Monday

Anthony Johnson talks to residents who are digging out
February 24, 2014 9:20:09 AM PST
If you're one of the many New York City drivers who has left their car behind a pile of snow and ice, it's time to start digging.

Street cleaning rules are in effect for the first time in weeks Monday, so the Department of Transportation can clear out remaining snow and pick up trash.

Alternate side parking regulations have been suspended in the city since February 1 after the wave of snowstorms and bitterly cold temperatures left the streets lined with snow, solid ice and uncollected trash.

The men and women who clear snow from the 6,300 miles of city streets are the same workers who pick up that trash, and the workers who ordinarily operate the alternate-side parking mechanical brooms have been needed to assist in resolving the backlogged trash issue.

Officials say the brooms haven't been able to sweep the alternate-side routes anyway because of all the icy buildup.

Alternate-side parking was suspended for 62 consecutive days following the blizzard of December 26, 2010.