EMTs celebrated as heroes in cop shooting in Brooklyn

Tim Fleischer has more from Crown Heights.
February 27, 2014 4:05:13 PM PST
Some might call it a miracle. Others say sheer coincidence. These two hardworking and quick-thinking EMTs, sitting in their car in a nearby parking lot, over there, modestly claim it was second nature to help this cop.

"I heard two shots and turned to my right," EMT Khadijah Hall said.

That's when Hall, watched here outside a White Castle, an unbelievable scene, as officers traded shots with a lone gunman.

"About 10 seconds later, officer went down and out of the corner of my eye I saw another officer running up and he started shooting at the gentleman that was running away," Hall said.

Hit was rookie police officer James Lee shot three times in the legs and groin. And rushing to his aid, Khadijah, on the left and Shaun Alexander both off-duty EMTs who did not waste a minute.

"I saw the officer running in front of us, so I knew it was clear. I knew it was safe. I thought it was safe. So I asked her for gloves, she said yes I have gloves and I run to the officer's aid," Shaun Alexander said.

"She cut his clothes off, got dressing, applied pressure," hall said.

Right away they told officer lee they were EMTs.

"We're going to check you. We got you. Stay calm, everything is going to alright. He said, I'm ok? I said yes, you're going to be fine," Hall said.

Other good Samaritans, who were apparently in the area, helped spot the gunman. Police later arrested the suspect.

Looking back on it now, these two good friends and co-workers, based out of station 58 in Canarsie don't see themselves as heroes.

"We do this every day. We're not the only ones that do this. And there are a lot of us that doesn't get the recognition every day because it's our job," Alexander said.

But wonder now if it was fate that they were just sitting in the White Castle parking lot, planning a party for a co-worker.

"A minute before that I was going to drive off, so my phone rings and that is what kept me there to answer the call," Hall said.

What turned out to be a call of a life time for these two good friends, and the newest friends of Officer James Lee.