Couple returns home after Superstorm Sandy

Meteorologist Lee Goldberg gives 7-day forecast which includes a rainiy weekend.
March 26, 2014 3:08:40 PM PDT
A Staten Island husband and wife are getting ready to move back home for the first time since Superstorm Sandy.

"Finally, finally, you can just sit down and say well, ha, this is it, you're home," said Ray Setti, a Superstorm Sandy victim.

But Ray Setti had serious doubts he's ever get back there.

"I had no idea how I was going to do it," Setti said.

He doubted he'd be back to his home in Midland Beach, where he had lived with his wife Virginia, until Superstorm Sandy destroyed the two-bedroom bungalow.

The couple was then forced to live in a rental surrounded by just a few family photos they were able to save.

"It's always past tense and you are trying to get beyond that, but what can you do, things happen, didn't expect it," Setti said.

They also didn't expect what happened next after the storm.

You see each week, folks from Mennonite Disaster Service worked on the home, a painstaking process that even now, as he gets a first look at the finished product, leaves Ray nearly speechless.

"They had a fresh canvass to work on, because everything had to be taken out and gutted, this, I feel sometimes, I don't even deserve this," Setti said.

This truly was all hands on deck, a partnership between The Red Cross, The Siller Foundation, and strangers, people who felt privileged to do this work.

"Out of compassion for those in need, out of obedience to the scriptures, which Jesus says to love thy neighbors and out of gratefulness to God," said Kevin King, Mennonite Disaster Service.

Ray can't wait to tell Virginia what's been done, she wasn't feeling well.

He says all of this has renewed his faith in human kind.

"They really saved me, they saved me," Setti said.