New app sets the stage for deals on Broadway tickets

Lauren Glassberg reports on the new Broadway ticket app that provides last-minute discounts.
May 5, 2014 7:35:01 PM PDT
We use our phones for just about everything.

And now they're making it easier to save money on Broadway shows. A new app hooks up fans with discounted tickets to shows.

Nearly 50% of Broadway tickets are purchased the same week of the show, and if you're a last minute buyer, there's an app that can save you money and time.

When it comes to ticketing, the Great White Way hasn't quite made its way to modern day. Less than 1% of tickets are sold via mobile apps.

But two Broadway producers, Merritt Baer and Brian Fenty, are hoping to change that.

"We wanted to take the best experiences that we had in apps for travel and dining, and bring that same 21st experience to the ticket buyers," said Fenty.

Their new app is TodayTix, which sells tickets for performances today or within the week, and the prices are just about the best discounted prices available to the public.

"We really think that if you look at other businesses and other industries, the mobile wave is here to stay, everyone loves being on their phones, and to be honest it's the convenient way to buy tickets," said Fenty.

TodayTix charges a $5 ticketing fee, and there's a $5 concierge fee.

"We have uniformed TodayTix concierge agents standing outside every single Broadway theater, so to deliver your tickets, your hand tickets are delivered to you anytime up to 30 minutes before showtime," said Baer.

So no Will Call line to wait on. But you do pay for the convenience. The iconic TKTS, by the way, may still be able to offer some better deals for same day tickets.

But for those who want to plan a little in advance, don't have time to come to TKTS, or don't want to stand in the rain, TodayTix is a great option.

"We hope we can be part of the conversation, and a new way for people to buy theater tickets," said Baer.

"Knowing I'm getting a great seat, I just saw All the Way for 30 percent off and I saved $50 a ticket so it was great," said one theater-goer. ('And if there was an app that could help you save money as well would you use that?') "Yeah, for sure," he said.

Brian and Merritt by the way met decades ago at theater camp.

"We both went off in the world thinking we'd be actors and at one point sooner or later decided maybe acting wasn't for us," said Baer.

So while you won't see them on stage, you may use their app to see Broadway shows.

And to be sure, there are several other mobile apps that allow you to buy tickets. But TodayTix is really geared for those who want last minute tickets.