Not so fast! Palcohol not approved

Dr. Sapna Parikh with the report.
April 22, 2014 8:24:18 PM PDT
Federal government has reversed its approval of the use of a controversial alcohol product -- an approval that came so quickly even the company that makes "powdered alcohol" was surprised.

Palcohol was scheduled to hit the market this fall until the federal goverment rescinded it approval. It's still not clear why this back and forth happened, but for now the company confirms it does not have green light.

Powdered alcohol packets called kamikaze, lemon drop and cosmopolitan made headlines after government approval earlier this month. But according to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, the labels that were approved are now surrendered.

The initial approval was reportedly in error because the product website now says there's a discrepancy about how much powder is in the packets.

Mark Phillips created palcohol because he wanted an easy way to have an adult beverage after hiking or biking, he said. When water is added, the palcohol powder becomes an instant cocktail with 12 percent alcohol by volume. Similar products are on the market in other countries, including Japan and Holland.

Among the concerns with powdered alcohol are that it's easier to snort and sneak into alcohol-free areas and easier for minors to access

"With the powdered form, much like the other new alcohols that have been introduced, Mothers Against Drunk Driving is incredibly concerned about the consumption of alcohol for kids that are under 21," said Rick Mallow, the New York director for the organization.

On the company's website, the makers of palcohol said they plan to resubmit the product labels for approval.

If approved, the product will still be subject to state regulations, but no word yet on whether that approval will happen.