Pedestrian struck in hit and run accident in Mineola

Kristin Thorne with the latest from Mineola, Nassau County. (WABC)
April 25, 2014 1:56:05 PM PDT
Police on Long Island are investigating a hit and run accident in Mineola this morning.

The accident happened near Jericho Turnpike and Congress Avenue around 9:00 on Friday.

Authorities say a vehicle struck a pedestrian, who was knocked out of his shoes. The car hit another vehicle, and then sped away.

The victim is a man, but his condition was not immediately known.

Witnesses say the fleeing vehicle was a gray Jetta. One says he tried to get woman behind the wheel to stop, but she kept going.

"I see a lady. The lady go. I put up my hand. The lady no stop. She go head first," Alfredo Hernandez said.

Hernandez looked down the street and saw the man lying bloody in the road.

"I said oh my God I can't believe it. A lot of blood in the face," he explained.

He says he lifted up the man's head and put some towels underneath.

"I put the head up. I put the towels. I help," Hernandez said.

Throughout the morning officers inspected the scene eventually cleaning up the victim's clothes in order to reopen the road.

Andrew Nigohosian owns Bonaventure Tuxedo store along the busy road and says the fact that something like this happened here isn't entirely surprising.

"Lots of traffic. People going high speeds not crossing at the intersections," Nigohosian said.

Police have not released any other details about the vehicle sought in the accident.