102-year-old voter gets President Obama's attention after viral tweet

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Monday, October 26, 2020
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HAMPTON, South Carolina -- A woman in South Carolina is inspiring voters across the country.

A tweet showing 102-year-old Ora Smith early voting went viral after her nephew shared it Wednesday.

"Aunt Ora" was born the same year the Spanish Flu Pandemic spread across the globe, 1918.

Now, 102 years later, she's casting her ballot during another global pandemic.

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Get your chair and get your snacks! This Houston mother wasn't going to let anything stop her from voting, and well, she tells the story best in the video above!

"If she can do it, you can too!" Aunt Ora's nephew Quentin Youmans said in his tweet.

Aunt Ora's viral photos even caught the attention of former President Barack Obama.

He shared her photos to his Twitter adding, "102 never looked better! Grateful for all the folks like your great aunt who continue to show up and vote in this important election."

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It's not every day you hear history from someone who lived through it!