HSS Training Tips: Get the Most from your Marathon Training Preps

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Friday, November 3, 2023
HSS Marathon Training Tips: Check Your Form
Get ready for a running form recheck with Hospital for Special Surgery's Allison Greer, PT, DPT! HSS is the Official Hospital of the TCS NYC Marathon.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Training for a marathon takes dedication, determination, and good planning. The payoff comes when the finish line is in sight, and it's time to celebrate! Hospital for Special Surgery is an official partner of the TCS New York City Marathon, and shares these tips for maximizing your race day - while making great memories all along the course.

The Better Way to Hydrate - with HSS Todd McGrath, MD: Water isn't the only thing NYC Marathon runners intake to stay hydrated. Watch Todd McGrath, MD, primary sports medicine physician at HSS, the official hospital of the New York Marathon, explain what else runners need to ingest to have a positive impact on your performance.

The Bridges of the Marathon - with HSS Jerome Brent Smith, PT, DPT : Do you know what is one of the toughest parts of the New York City Marathon? Watch Jerome Brent Smith, HSS PT, DPT as he shares critical tips fo maintaining your stamina during these tough marathon moments.

Facing down "The Wall" - with HSS Catherine Wysin, PT, DPT: During the NYC Marathon, runners notoriously "hit the wall" during miles eighteen and twenty. Catherine Wysin, PT, DPT at HSS offers professional tips on what to do when it happens, so you can make it to the finish line!

Make the Miles Fun along the Way - with HSS Karen M. Sutton, MD: Everything's better with friends! Watch Karen M. Sutton, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS, the TCS NYC Marathon's Official Hospital explain a few tips to make it fun and enjoyable to train for a marathon.