Coronavirus News: 10-year-old celebrates birthday by hosting fundraiser for COVID-19 patients

LONG ISLAND (WABC) -- A young boy from Long Island has learned that a small deed can make a big difference, after hosting a fundraiser for a little girl on his 10th birthday.

This was all Mateo Solis' idea.

Solis' 10th birthday celebration was a fundraiser for a child he did not know at NYU Winthrop.

"Help me, help one," Solis said.

That one, was little 3-year-old Sheila, who suffered from COVID-19 in the hospital for nine days.

"Me and mom brought 150 flyers around town to delis, houses and shops," Solis said.

And people came! Solis says more than $1,000 poured in -- $1,109.14 to be exact.

Solis' mom says she is in awe of her son and so proud at what he has done.

It was actually his grandmother, who works at the hospital, who had told him about COVID-19 struggles.

The hospital was the place that connected the families so that Solis could give Sheila's family his gift and see for himself that she was all better.

"They were in shock, they were in disbelief," Solis' mother said.

Solis says he learned a small deed can make a big difference.


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