How to take cheaper vacations amid skyrocketing airfare, 7 On Your Side has tips

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Monday, April 26, 2021
7 On Your Side: Tips for travel deals
Nina Pineda has more on how you can save money for your next trip.

NEWARK, New Jersey (WABC) -- Pent up desire because of the pandemic combined with increased demand as more vaccinated people want to travel have airfares gaining altitude.

Airfare predictor Hopper says prices are skyrocketing now that the European Union has lifted the ban on non-essential travelers and approved vaccinated people will be allowed in.

So how can you save money on tickets no matter where you're jetting off to?

Scott Keyes founder of Scott's Cheap Flights has some hacks on how we can take more vacations for less money.

The first tip, for trips this July and August you should book now.

"There are still cheap flights available for the summer right now, I don't expect to see that in a few weeks," Keyes said.

Another reason not to wait is that travel waivers, extended because of the pandemic, are about to expire.

Alaska, Delta, Hawaiian, and United Airlines are giving passengers until the end of April and JetBlue until the end of May to book the cheapest basic fare and still pay no penalties on cancellations or changes.

After the deadlines, you'll have to pay more to modify.

"If you book in main economy, premium, business you have automatically have flexibility, they are permanently getting rid of the change fees," Keyes said.

When it comes to searching for fares, there's a common mistake.

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"The biggest mistakes people make is seeing an expensive flight and I'm just going to pay it but not realizing not only is expensive airfare optional it's also very volatile," Keyes said. "The exact same flight from New York to Iceland on Monday will cost $300 on Tuesday $800 on Wednesday $1,300 and on Thursday, go back to $300!"

Keyes says don't pull the trigger when fares are high. Be patient for when they inevitably drop back down again then lock in quick.

The final big tip, most of us choose to vacation on where we want to go and when we can go. Then start looking at flight fares...Keyes says flip those steps upside down.

"Step one, where are there cheap flights out of my home airport? Step two, of those flights which ones interest me? Step three, what dates work for my calendar by setting the price as the top priorities instead of the last. That's how you get more cheap flights and take three or four vacations instead of one," he said.

Keep in mind, prices are very volatile and can change from hour to hour. Try to travel during off-peak weeks and during the week to save the most money.

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