Deliveryman caught spitting on homeowner's front door

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Monday, July 13, 2020
Deliveryman caught on camera spitting on front door of NYC home
A disturbing incident was caught on video when a food deliveryman spit all over a homeowner's front door.

FRESH MEADOWS, Queens (WABC) -- A disturbing incident was caught on video when a food deliveryman spit all over a homeowner's front door.

The homeowner termed it disgusting and downright dangerous.

Captured by the unblinking lens of a Ring camera, a food deliveryman spits all over a front door, appears to smile, then leaves.

Also left behind, many questions. Who was he? And most importantly, who does he work for?

"I was shocked. I was wondering to myself. Did I actually see what I just saw?" homeowner Edith said.

Edith's eyes did not deceive her back on June 9 when she replayed the Ring doorbell recording.

"When I looked back at the video. I saw a deliveryman coming up the walkway. I believe he puts something on the door and then he spit on the doorknob and then turned and looked at the camera and laughed," Edith said."It was just a disgusting despicable act."

Edith says that if her mother was home, she could've picked up the bag and touched the disgusting spit.

The weird thing was her mom hadn't ordered any food.

She's 91, suffers from dementia and is currently living with Edith on Long Island.

The delivery took place at the home she grew up in, in Fresh Meadows, Queens.

Via bicycle, you can see the young man isn't wearing a mask when he shares what's in his mouth.

"You're just spewing your spit and saliva out into that environment and it hits an elderly person, she picks up the bag, she touches her mouth, her face and that's it for her," Edith said.

Seven On Your Side tracked down the food order, and found the location of a chicken takeout in Jamaica, Queens.

Next, we sent the spitting video to all the major delivery companies in the area.

Days later, GrubHub owned it, coming forward to confirm it was their driver.

A corporate representative told us the actions of the driver were inexcusable.

The company says they have zero tolerance for this misconduct and their independent contractor's contract was terminated.

"So he can no longer deliver orders for us," GrubHub said. "Our investigation also found that he delivered the order to the wrong address. We refunded the diner who originally placed this order, and we are reaching out to the person who lives where the food was mistakenly delivered."

"I appreciate that they did reach out and I do understand that this is not a reflection of them because they don't have any control over their employees actions, but I appreciate that they took action to remedy the situation," said Edith.



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