7 On Your Side: How to avoid scams while supporting people affected by Israel-Hamas war

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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Amid the war between Israel and the militant group Hamas, a humanitarian crisis is developing and many people are wondering how they can help.

There is a short-term immediate need as well as long-term welfare to consider with the sheer numbers of victims, and families affected.

Hundreds of ways to purportedly help have popped up online, from realtors claiming to donate a percentage of their home sales to GoFundMe campaigns filled with heartwrenching stories, but which are legitimate?

7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda says one way to ensure your support is actually going to the people who need it is to use a site like Charity Navigator which vets and rates charities.

The site shows you how much of your money is going to the organization's administrative costs versus the people it's intended to support.

Charity Navigator also offers a 'Giving Basket,' which will distribute your donation to many different trusted non-profits.

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When donating, give to trusted brands with proven track records and always research exactly where your donation is going.

Additionally, make sure wherever you are sending your donation are using a secure platform before providing your credit card information.

Be skeptical of strangers reaching out to you directly by email, calling, texting, or direct messages on social media. Nonprofits with boots on the ground are busy right now and are not campaigning for funds.

Make sure you investigate social media and be wary of sites which spoof or copycat the logos of recognizable charities.

Be especially leery of anyone posing as a victim.

And never wire money - if there was a mistake or fraud, you may not get the money back.

Nina Pineda joins the Mornings @ 10 team to talk about how you can help the communities in Israel by making donations.

Click here for more tips before donating to a charity.

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