911 call: 9-year-old helps save baby sister's life in Danbury

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017
911 call: 9-year old helps save baby sister's life in Danbury
Marcus Solis reports on the lifesaving actions of one Connecticut boy.

DANBURY, Connecticut (WABC) -- A 9-year-old Connecticut boy is being credited with helping save his baby sister's life.

The child called 911 when the 1-month-old girl choked on vomit and became unresponsive Saturday afternoon at their home in Danbury.

Danbury police have released the emergency call, during which the boy tells the dispatcher, "she isn't breathing and she isn't making any noises."

During the call, 911 operator Ashley Romano instructs the boy to tell his mother how to put the baby on her side and how to clear her mouth. The boy can be heard translating the commands to Portuguese, which is what the family speaks at home.

Listen to the full call here:

"I know this is very scary, but I just need to know if she's breathing. Can you hear her breathing?" Romano asked. "Yes, she's breathing," the boy replied. Danbury fire officials confirm the infant was breathing on her own by the time they arrived at the scene. The baby was taken to an area hospital for evaluation but is now back at home.

"I thank God for the 9-year old little boy who assisted me with saving his baby sibling, he was calm, cool, collected and brave," said Romano in a statement.