Expert: Horrified Afghans face losing the only world they've ever known

NEW YORK (WABC) -- The fate of thousands of Afghan civilians who aided U.S. personnel is still unclear. Taliban leaders are insisting that those who served the Americans will be allowed to leave. They also insist that women's rights would be respected and that they would not seek retribution for Afghans who opposed them.

But despite their public-relations offensive, the Taliban has a disastrous human rights record.

Many experts are skeptical.

"You have a whole generation of Afghans who grew up in a world that is on the cusp of being destroyed right in front of their eyes. That's a world that they fought for, that's the world that they helped make, that's a world that the United States and the United States government help them make that is what is at stake right now," said Daniel Balson, advocacy director with Amnesty International.

In this video, reporter N.J. Burkett gets the big picture on the unfolding humanitarian crisis from Balson.
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