Police investigate reported alligator sighting in Flushing Meadow Park

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

FLUSHING (WABC) -- Another roaming reptile may have been spotted in New York City, this time in Queens.

Saturday morning, the NYPD took to Twitter with photos showing officers on the hunt for an alligator reportedly seen in Flushing Meadow Park.

The search revealed no sign of the elusive gator the police named 'Jaws'.

Last week police in the 34th Precinct found a 3-foot-long alligataor , likely an illegal pet, strolling on Ninth Avenue at West 205th Street in Inwood.

The alligator, nicknamed CockadoodleQ, passed away 12 hours after being rescued by Animal Control.

The cops managed to corner the animal until emergency services units arrived.

"People have never seen it before, let alone a city street," store manager Eddie Perez said.

The gator was caught just 100 yards from a summer day camp and less than 50 feet from the Harlem River.

"We thought it came from river or sewer, or just dumped there," Perez said.

Emergency crews took the gator to the Animal Care Centers of New York City, where medical staff removed the duct tape that had been placed on the snout. It was placed into an aquarium-type setting.

"Sadly the alligator, which staff had named CockadoodleQ, died this morning," the ACC said in a statement released Friday. "We have no knowledge of the conditions CockadoodleQ had lived in prior to his arrival that contributed to his death. Exotic animals such as alligators are illegal to have as pets in New York City."

Also in July, a 90-pound gator and nine boas were found in a Brooklyn raid. And there's the infamous 2003 story of Ming the pet tiger captured in the Harlem. And it's more than jaw dropping, it's criminal. New York City Health Code Section 161 has 18 pages on animal ordinances and specifically lists alligators as prohibited pets.