Texas man finds 300-pound alligator hiding inside garage

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Friday, August 12, 2016
Fulshear homeowner finds alligator hiding inside his garage
Fulshear homeowner finds alligator hiding inside his garage, Pooja Lodhia reports.

FULSHEAR, Texas -- A homeowner had quite the shock when he went inside his garage and found an alligator wedged between his lawnmower and the wall.

Check out this video:

Fulshear Police have released video of an alligator that was trapped in a garage

Douglas Dallmer says he found the 10-foot-long gator near the garage wall of his home on Walton Water Way in Fulshear.

"I'm thankful he wasn't hungry when I walked out the garage," he laughed.

Animal removal experts were called to get the alligator out of the garage.

But it wasn't easy.

"As he tried to put the noose on him, he was hissing and biting," Dallmer explained. "He became very violent."

The gator was eventually removed by R6 Outfitters and will be released to an alligator farm in New Caney.