April Fools' Day jokes 2019: From a bean bag onesie to the Snake game on Google Maps, brands get silly for the holiday

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Monday, April 1, 2019
The ''bean bag onesie'' (from ThinkGeek) and the ''Snake'' game on Google Maps are both April Fools' Day jokes.

Monday is April Fools' Day, which means it's a bad day to believe everything you read on the internet. It also means marketers are doing their best to give you a little giggle, whether the "joke" is believable or not.

Here's a round-up of some of the most talked-about April Fools' jokes from 2019.

Amazon: Audible for Fish

While you might not see anything fishy on Amazon's main social media pages today, the same can't be said for its audiobook company. Audible is claiming to offer 3-second audiobooks for fish. While that's all a prank, the site does remind you that it offers audiobooks for dogs.

Google Maps: Play Snake

This one's for real! As the tech giant has done in the past, Google made a special April Fools' game available on its map app. This year: Snake! Google Maps tweeted out instructions about how to play.

Google Netherlands: Talk to tulips

"Hey Google, talk to my tulip" is probably not a sentence you ever thought you'd utter, but Google is encouraging anyone who has ever wanted to have a conversation with their plant tulip to try it out. In a video posted by Google's Netherlands team, you can see a demonstration of this human-to-tulip translation. Of course, you might want to be suspicious since this feature is mysteriously only available on April 1.

Hello Fresh: The Unicorn Box

If you care more about your food being Instagrammable than edible, recipe kit delivery service HelloFresh has a "Unicorn Box" just for you.

Honda: "Pastport" commercial

If you miss using a physical map to navigate, you're going to wish this one was real. Honda is giving us a blast from the past with an extremely '90s commercial for its "new" Honda pastport.

Litter-Robot: CatSheet

These cat lovers took advantage of April Fools' Day to poke fun at their favorite furry friends by "selling" a product that's a cat's favorite place to nap: on a piece of paper.

ThinkGeek: Bean bag onesies

On the morning of April 1, the geek culture retailer began advertising a variety of unusual products on its Twitter page including a Captain Marvel universal pager and a "Roomby," a Roomba that looks like Kirby. Perhaps the most amusing of the products is an invention called the "bean bag onesie."

The products appear to really be for sale until you click on "buy now." That's when the site admits it was all a prank but asks you to vote for which product you wish was real.

SodaStream: SodaStreamMe

SodaStream's April Fool's video has some out-of-this-world body humor with the help of astronaut Scott Kelly.

Stack Overflow: Throwback website design

The programming community site also went for the throwback prank by changing the look of the site when you look up certain questions, such as "why did the y2k bug exist?"

Tinder: Height verification feature

Dating app Tinder wants to bring attention to the problem of "height-fishing" -- members lying about their height -- with its new "feature" that does not allow users to enter an incorrect height on their profiles.

T-Mobile: Booth-E

T-Mobile said it's offering its customers a new feature to avoid loud street noises, and it looks a whole lot like a phone booth without the phone.

"You know it's real because we tacked an 'e' onto the end of the name. Wow!" John Legere explains in an ad for the new feature.