April the Giraffe expected to go into labor in the coming weeks

ByDanny Clemens WABC logo
Wednesday, February 27, 2019
April the Giraffe and more moments that broke the internet
Take a look back at April the Giraffe's pregnancy and other moments that broke the internet.

HARPURSVILLE, NY -- Break out the giraffe cam, internet sensation April the Giraffe is getting closer and closer to giving birth once again.

Animal Adventure Park, April's home since 2015, announced over the weekend that the pregnant giraffe was "advancing," explaining that "behavioral and physical changes are suggesting we are very much moving towards having a calf."

Veterinarians originally pegged April's due date in late March, according to the park, but keepers' recent observations led them to believe that the calf could arrive sooner.

"Wax caps have been present, udders are developing/filling," the park said. "Stargazing behaviors were observed today and lackluster interest in feed."

April, now 17 years old, broke the internet during her 2017 pregnancy when a live camera inside her habitat exploded on YouTube. For seven weeks, more than 230 million viewers from around the world watched pregnant April inch closer and closer to birthing her fourth calf, Tajiri.

After more than a month of buzz and buildup, Tajiri was born on April 15, 2017. Animal Adventure Park announced last July that April was once again expecting.

For those who can't get enough April, Animal Adventure Park has set up a paid service where fans can sign up to get a text message alert when April officially goes into labor this time around.

And, of course, there's the April the giraffe camera on YouTube that started it all. A keeper will perform a wellness check on April around 8 a.m. EST and 7:30 p.m. EST each day and will share an update on-camera on the stream afterward.