Cruise ship detained in New York Harbor

NEW YORK The passengers were let off the boat Sunday evening.

The ship is the Clipper Pacific which is based in the Bahamas, but was inbound from Greenland.

A six-person examination team from Coast Guard Sector New York boarded the ship, at 8 a.m. Sunday to conduct a routine safety inspection and found that the vessel had significant hull damage prior to coming to New York Harbor and was leaking.

Additional inspections by the Coast Guard identified 66 discrepancies such as fire safety, lifeboat damages and life jacket issues on the vessel during an inspection that lasted from Sunday morning to Tuesday evening.

Representatives from the Bahama Flag Administration and the Bureau Veritas Classification Society were onboard throughout the inspection.

Coast Guard Sector New York issued a Captain of the Port order on Sunday because of the ship's hull damages. The ship was declared detained after the examination concluded Tuesday and will remain in this status until the master can provide a repair proposal and can make necessary repairs that directly impact the ships passengers and crew.

The repair proposal will be reviewed and approved by the Coast Guard and the vessel's classification society.

The ship's passengers were free to come and go while repairs are made, the Coast Guard said.


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