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NEW YORK Rather than spending money to visit college campuses, parents and their children can get tours and reviews of colleges without ever leaving their home.

"It's a huge decision and there's a lot of factors involved," said Hilary Feshback, a parent.

Feshbach and her daughter Heather are considering colleges, with help from the website called

"A lot of the classes are difficult, especially if you take any science related courses," said one student.

Comments by students are part of the content. This site is among the latest in a series of websites aimed at families looking for just the right college.

"They will get a full 360-degree view of that particular school, the culture of the school, the feeling and the vibe of the school," said CEO Glenn Pere.

The Feshbach family is probably not alone in its preference to actually be on campus before making a final choice. But apparently there is information available on College Click TV that might not be so easy to get during a campus visit."

"We don't tell any of the students what to say. They say what they think," said Eric Yaverbaum, President of the website.

Heather Feshbach really liked the site. "I really liked, like, seeing things at a more objective point of view rather then seeing, like, someone who's just there to kind of tell you to definitely come to the school; People told you the positives, they told you the negatives and it was very realistic," she said.

An online look at a college, before an actual visit, can save families thousands of dollars. is free, with plans to expand next year based on profits from advertising and fees from participating colleges.


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