Rye considers 'No knocking list'

July 27, 2010 2:38:01 PM PDT
Just like the 'Do not call list', one Westchester community is considering a 'Do not knock list'.

It's all because some residents in Rye are frustrated with solicitors coming to their doors.

In rye residents aren't shy about telling you how they feel about solicitors knocking on their doors.

Whether it's the sales calls, or fund raising, pitches typically pick up during the summer months and usually occur in the early evening when people are home from work.

"People come knocking at my door and I don't know if it's legitimate or not. It's an inconvenience when it's dinner time," said Bridget Vavasour.

So the town of Rye is considering adopting a "do not knock" registry that would alert solicitors to the homes where they are not welcome.

Currently anyone going door to door, whether a vendor or on behalf of a non-profit group, needs a permit from the city clerk.

Under the new law, solicitors would have to obtain a copy of the registry and stay away from any address listed.

Also sales calls would be banned after 8pm.

Several Midwest suburbs like Parma, Ohio already have no knock lists.

It's believed Rye would be the first municipality in the New York area to enact such a law.