Cool ice cream: Hot and creative flavors

August 4, 2010 3:23:02 PM PDT
Ice cream is a tasty summer treat. Yet, some people prefer more exotic flavors than the usual chocolate and vanilla. One group in Fort Green, Brooklyn, called the Ice Cream Club, gathers together to taste the creative flavors group members make.

"I made a buffalo wing ice cream?.It tasted terrible," said Jonathan Soma, the founder of the Ice Cream Club.

Soma admits the chunks of blue cheese were a bad idea. But, there are plenty of good ideas dreamed up by members of the Ice Cream club.

"There's such an amazing culture of food and collectivism and all of that right now in Brooklyn and it seemed like a place that could really take off," said Soma.

Once a month the group gets together, tasting and swapping containers of homemade ice cream. One recent flavor was anise and orange, which was described as spicy, but not hot. Other flavors include ligonberry and blueberry, and salmon mousse.

"We had something the other day and the smell of it was just like the soft serve I used to get when I was 6 years old, everyday during the summer and I loved it," said Jen Messier, an Ice Cream Club member.

Soma started the club after finding out the hard way, just how much ice cream he could make in one batch, more than a quart. Instead of letting it go to waste, friends suggested he share it with other ice cream lovers.

He posted his idea on and in one month, raised $500, enough money to upgrade his old ice cream maker and pump out flavors like Moroccan mint tea ice cream, cartiman lime, and root beer.

The group also shares secrets on just how to make the best batch of ice cream, not too icy or runny.

The tips hopefully get their creative juice flowing, resulting in yet another perfect pint.