Ramapo College bans alcohol energy drinks


"Our students tell me it's like drinking 4 beers, a can of red bull and a large espresso," Ramapo College President Peter Mercer said.

It's 23 and a half ounces, 12 percent alcohol, infused with caffeine and taurine among other things.

Mercer says Four Loco is just one of the reasons he's had to rush more than 20 students to the hospital so far this year.

"It's intoxication at a fairly high level, one which potentially compromises the health of the student," he said.

It's not all Four Loko's fault. That's why Mercer has beefed up the school's alcohol policy and all of the penalties.

He did flat out ban anyone from having Four Loko on campus.

"It isn't good. It's gonna kill all the fun here," Omar Alkhalili said.

Alkhalili is a junior here. He's had the drink and knows what it can do.

He says ban Four Loko and you have another problem.

"I feel like people will hide it more. Maybe they won't be as inclined to tell people their friends are sick, which could be a bad thing," he said.

Brianna Canetti has tried the drink too, but doesn't drink it anymore. She knows how bad it can be.

"I honestly think it might work with the amount of transports we've had to the hospital with kids on Four Loko. It might help. I understand that," she said.

But not everybody does. There is already a Facebook page for students against the alcohol policy. It is 16-hundred friends strong. That's about a sixth of the student population.

President Mercer says the new tougher policy is the right way to go. It has to be safety first at his school.

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