Moving company stopping the spread of bed bugs

November 16, 2010 1:51:26 PM PST
A New York City moving company is fed up with bed bugs and is trying its hardest to stop the spread.

Just say bed bugs, and people's skin begins to crawl.

Now think about the creepy little crawlers in your home and you'd do just about anything to prevent it.

Jeff Sitt says he does whatever he can to prevent bed bugs everyday.

"It's all about the bed bugs, it's a real epidemic," Jeffrey Sitt of "iMoveGreen" said.

It's a real problem for Jeff's company "iMoveGreen".

It's a moving company based in the Bronx.

His guys go in and out of homes and businesses everyday, so the risk of picking up bed bugs and taking them along for the ride is very real.

"We looked and said preventative measures are better than no measures, so we are doing quite a few initiatives," Sitt said.

First, before they touch anything, they spray their gloves with an organic bed bug killer.

From there, they take all of the blankets that they use in the move and hang them up inside of an empty truck.

That is in preparation for the "big" preventative measure.

Two large heaters that are run by propane tanks, heat the truck with all of the blankets inside.

"Heating the trucks to 120 degrees, actually 113 degrees kills the bed bugs, but we heat to 120," Sitt said, "If anything is in there, its dead."

Then, all of the equipment used in the move is sprayed down and then it's time to go.

All of this is done before they leave the warehouse which Jeff also has sprayed weekly.

"iMoveGreen" moved Ed Azar's office in Midtown Manhattan.

He owns "Fantasia Accessories".

"Nobody else I interviewed, I talked to two other companies, nobody else came even close to the steps Jeff was talking about," Azar said.

So Azar used the company for his home move and now his office.

"If you contain the house, then you take it to the movie theater. If it comes in here, it goes home with my employees. It just keeps growing. So anything we can do to contain it and keep it as clean as possible benefits everyone in the long run," Azar said.

Jeff Sitt says bed bugs are such a concern right now that people will call him up to book a move and not even ask what it costs.

They are just concerned with what he is doing to prevent bed bugs from coming into their homes.

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