Amazing doll collection in Brooklyn


There's a woman in /*Brooklyn*/ who has so many dolls, she's lost count.

And these dolls are all antiques, almost all made in France and Germany.

They were collectables back in the late 1800s and early 1900s because they're handmade, and they're even more valuable now.

Kathy Libraty gives dolls a second chance.

"What I'm looking for is that she can hold, I think that's pretty good," Libraty said.

It's pretty good for a doll that's more than a century old, as are most of Kathy's dolls. They fill a number of rooms in her a larger-than-life Brooklyn doll house.

"It just grew into this. I don't know how I got here, but I'm here," Libraty said.

It's a little ironic when you consider that Kathy and her sister only briefly had dolls.

"My sister's doll, we were fighting in the back of a taxi and my mother said you will never have dolls again," Libraty said.

Decades later, Kathy pulled some dolls from the trash.

"I jumped into the dumpster and started pulling out dolls," Libraty said.

By then she was into antiques and knew the dolls held value.

"Every time I see a doll in bad shape, I feel like it's my passion to rescue it," Libraty said.

Her daughter, who did grow up with dolls, helps dress them.

A doll with the right eyes, working limbs and appropriate clothes and shoes will sell for thousands of dollars.

Those faces, those eyes, almost pleading for love, which they certainly get with Kathy.

"I totally love them. They are my passion," Libraty said.

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