Capturing the Rebuilding as art


"This is extraordinary. It's the most extraordinary art studio anywhere in the world," Robinson said.

He works on the 48th floor of /*7 World Trade*/. It's an entire floor on loan from the developer Larry Silverstein.

He has thousands of square feet of empty space to create.

"It allows a sense of magnitude scale and space," he said.

He uses oil paint on wood that he finds, plywood that's been scrapped.

He brings them to life with images of the construction workers, the steel, the force that goes into creating 7 World Trade.

"I had a voice in my heart that I knew I wanted to commit to however long it took to doing this," he said.

Five years ago, he began drawing at the ground level. His paintings followed.

Marcus has already painted 50 works. From the start to the finish, Marcus plans to paint it all. His urban landscapes are a tribute to the past and to the city's future.

I'd like the paintings to honor the workers and what they have been doing to rebuild the site," Robinson said.

He's also working on films - one for the memorial, another to be viewed worldwide - capturing what's going on here through several mediums.

You can learn more about the Rebuilding project at

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