New products to help keep your gums healthy

January 12, 2012 2:46:31 PM PST
People spend time and money to improve different aspects on their look: skin, hair, nails, and teeth, but what about your gums?

We tend to overlook this aspect, but now there are products out there that target the gums, in much the same way creams target the skins to help you look younger.

Dr. Brian Kantor's a New York cosmetic dentist who gives people a reason to smile, whether it's with veneers or bleaching, but he says there's more to a great smile than just white teeth.

"What goes with a beautiful smile is healthy gums," Dr. Kantor said.

To get healthy gums, he recommends using products likes the ones made by Periosciences. They're based on antioxidants.

"Antioxidants have been around in medicine for years and proves to be effective in skin care products so what this technology has done they're taken how it works in the skin and brought it to the gums," Dr. Kantor said.

Ashlee Hiller had gum sensitivity from bleaching her teeth at home, so before she did an in-office bleaching, she used the antioxidants.

It's quick and easy. After you brush, just rub the AO ProVantage gel onto your gums for a minute.

"It bonds to the free radicals and inhibits cell destruction in the mouth, helps preservations of the gums," Dr. Kantor said.

What you're after are pink gums, like you see in these before and afters.

It is what Ashlee hopes to maintain when she bleaches at home.

It also is about more than cosmetics, it's about health.

The Periosciences products cost between $14 and $43 and there's one especially made for smokers as well.

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