Teen pushes baby out of gunfire, takes bullet


"I was scared," said Sarah Rivera, shooting victim.

Sarah Rivera is out of the hospital now, but on Saturday she was walking to the store near her Bronx home when, police say 23-year-old Raheem Simon started firing shots at someone.

Sarah saw a baby stroller right in the line of fire, and the baby's father was running away.

"There was two shots and everybody starting running and there was a baby stroller in the way, so I pushed the baby stroller out of the way and a third shot hit me in the leg that's why I fell on the floor," Rivera said.

Sarah's mother heard the gunshots and ran to check on her daughter.

"She's on the floor screaming, and somebody put something around her leg to apply pressure, and so she wouldn't lose a lot of blood, and then cops started showing up and detectives and she was screaming and crying," her mother said.

The same gun shot a bullet that pierced through a half inch steel plate on the street. Sarah went down hard when she was hit, and the baby was pushed safely away. When the gunfire faded, neighbors stepped in to help.

"She said she was shot in the leg, so I asked another neighbor that lives in the building for his shirt, and I tied a tourniquet around her leg so she wouldn't bleed out profusely," a neighbor said.

"Everybody started running away when they heard the gunfire, everybody starting running and they left the little girl in the middle of the street, so she was the only one who went back to save the little girl, if not the little girl would have been dead," said Ashley Rivera, the victim's sister.

That's what many in the neighborhood think. That's what her mom thinks too.

"If it wasn't for my daughter, that little girl wouldn't still be alive," her mother said.

"I felt like a hero," Rivera said.

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