Medical alert device records police shooting


Now, an attorney for the family says a transcript of that recording identifies White Plains Police Officer Steven Hart as the one who shouted out a racial slur before Chamberlain was shot and killed by another officer.

"He's tapping on the window, tap tap tap, 'Mr. Chamberlain we need to talk N-word'. The N-word flat out," said Randolph McLaughlin, of the Newman Ferrara Law Firm.

Officer Steven Hart is currently fighting allegations of police brutality in a civil lawsuit brought by this man who says Hart used excessive force when arresting him for disorderly conduct outside this bar.

"He grabbed from behind and pushed me to ground, smashing my face in ground four times. All I said is, 'I didn't do anything,'" said Edgar Maurad, plantiff

"He wasn't even charged with resisting arrest. He didn't have to break his nose and cause those injuries," said Michael Joseph, the plantiff's attorney.

The disorderly conduct charges were dismissed. Court documents show Officer Hart denies all allegations of excessive force.

Meanwhile, Officer Anthony Carelli who fired the shots that killed Chamberlain is also facing police brutality allegations in a 2008 civil lawsuit.

"There's a problem with White Plains Police, with supervision, with training, with discipline," McLaughlin said.

The family insists police had no reason to shoot their father. Police say Chamberlain threatened them with a knife.

Eyewitness News has learned that Officer Carelli will testify before the Grand Jury in this case early next week. His attorneys claim evidence before the Grand Jury will prove the shooting was justified. A decision on that is expected in a few weeks.


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