Chamberlain shooting prompts policy review


Last week, a grand jury chose not to indict the officers. That controversial decision was hardly the end of the contentious case.

"The lack of criminal indictment also sends message to minorities of this city that their lives are worthless," said Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr., son of the man who was shot.

Last fall, police responded to /*Kenneth Chamberlain*/'s apartment after his medical alert had been triggered. There was no crime and no threat of violence, but the confused man refuses to let the officers in and the officers refuse to leave.

What began as a medical call turned violent with a taser gun. This was followed by a kitchen knife, a knocked-down front door, and eventually ended with officer Anthony Carelli fatally shooting Chamberlain.

"We are bringing outside experts to do a broad review of policies of this department," Mayor Thomas Roach said.

Beyond the initial outcry, there is lingering hostility because police used the N-word during the standoff. This was hardly an effective way to get a frightened, disturbed man to open his door.


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