Brooklyn Senate candidate inspired by Legally Blonde

July 24, 2012 3:41:32 PM PDT
Mindy Meyer, who's 22 years old, Orthodox Jewish and running for New York Senate for the Conservative Party calls herself the "diva of the district".

In leopard print, her website is mostly pink, where, she rocks the slogan "I'm senator and I know it" she portrays herself on poverty as a character from "The Hunger Games"

When asked about what inspired her to run for office, Meyer said that Elle Woods, Reese Witherspoon's character in the movie "Legally Blonde" inspired her.

"Now of course, Elle Woods isn't real, but the problems in this district certainly are," Meyer says.

On Twitter on Tuesday, one person joked "Mindy Meyer is courting the much sought after "I thought MySpace was awesome vote". Another person wrote that they couldn't decide whether to dislike the candidate or whether she was her hero.

"I would learn, you know, what my constituents are most interested in, and I am there as an advocate for them," said Meyer.

Her opponent, incumbent senator Kevin Parker says he's the progressive one on the issues.

Yet Parker has battled anger management problems in the past, was convicted of criminal mischief after a run-in with the press, nd stripped of his leadership role in Albany.

"Yo Parker, at least I don't go around assaulting news reporters and having hissy fits in the Senate," says Meyer.

Meyer says she could talk all day ? it is one strategy that the newcomer, nicknamed the "Magenta Yenta" would share.

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