No Limits exhibit by Alexandre Arrechea on Park Avenue

March 14, 2013 3:05:20 PM PDT
If it's different, then Alex Arrechea has accomplished exactly what he set out to do: create a series of towering sculptures that draw you in and hopefully hold your there.

The beautiful steel pieces are strategically placed in the flower beds along Park Avenue, starting at 67th street and heading south.

This is Alex's first large scale exhibition, entitled No Limit.

"This idea of New York as a city of constant transformation so my work in some way tries to capture that," Alex said.

Each sculpture is patterned after an iconic building here in New York City and seems to roll and spin down the avenue, snake and coil into the sky.

Alex's favorite, the Helmsley building, was designed like a snake biting its own tail.

"I think that one is the perfect metaphor for New York. I think New York is sort of a beast that is trying to devour itself constantly to become a new beast," Alex said.

The sculpture committee of the fund for Park Avenue oversees this ever changing project and believes this newest addition will only get more interesting with time.

"The pieces will end up being surrounded by colors by tulips which is kind of nice, so it will look like the sculptures, the buildings are growing right out of the ground," Stuart Levy, The Fund for Park Avenue, said.

You will not see the Twin Towers here. Alex, who's from Cuba, left them out, knowing that wound will never heal.

"I don't feel entitled to work on that. I think that's something a New Yorkers should be representing, not me," Alex said.

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