Son to donate kidney to father on Long Island

June 13, 2013 2:36:23 PM PDT
There's a son on Long Island who's giving his dad the best gift of all, the gift of life.

He's donating a kidney to his dad.

There's been a lot of father-son time going on at the Torino home.

Bill and Billy Torino are about to get even closer.

Bill's kidneys are failing, he has diabetes.

A few months ago his son, himself a father of three, said he would help.

"I'll just donate and give you one of my kidneys," said Billy Torino, donating a kidney.

He got all the blood tests done.

"He's a perfect match, everything, blood type. Everything is perfect from him, 100%," said Bill Torino, a Shirley resident.

"I'm not nervous at all about the operation. I just want to help my father out. Anything to save his life," Billy Torino said.

Cathy Torino has been raising money throughout the community to help cover the $695,000 fee for the operation.

Insurance is paying 80% of it.

"The community has been so, so nice," Cathy Torino said.

When the surgery does happen, it will happen at Stony Brook University Hospital.

In the meantime, Billy Torino has some work to do.

"I have to lose at least 50 pounds to get the operation done, but even after the operation that's not going to stop me I'm going to keep on losing," Billy Torino said.

"I'm extremely, extremely proud of my son," Cathy Torino said.

"Do you think this is sort of the ultimate Father's Day gift," Eyewitness News asked.

" Yes I would say so. Yes it is. I love him," Bill Torino said.

And he thanks him too.