Cookies from a stranger, 'Single Girl Cookies'

July 2, 2013 5:28:47 PM PDT
Renee Heitmann won't share her mom's recipe, but that doesn't mean this professional singer and voice coach isn't generous.

"This is actually a recipe that my mom passed down to me. The part I really like is sharing with people, I mean, that's why I bake," she said.

She shares her cookies with total strangers.

"I call it 'Single Girl Cookies'. It's a bake it forward program," Heitmann said.

Renee started the project in January. She hand delivers her homemade cookies to a different business in her Astoria neighborhood each week and she arrives unannounced, making her deliveries in any kind of weather.

"I feel it's pretty important to invest in your neighborhood your community small town feel and apply it to the big city," Heitmann said.

So far she's visited the police precinct, the firehouses, some delis and restaurants, and a Laundromat. After each visit she asks that business to suggest her next stop, so today she's headed to Super Joe's Cleaners.

"I'll come back in a couple of days to pick up my plate," Heitmann said.

The cookies come on a plate because Renee wants to create a relationship that's not disposable, just delicious

While some people may be a little cynical about the cookies, the sweet gesture tends to wins them over.

"I can honestly say I've never been happier, give back in the way that I can," Heitmann said.

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